Welcome to “Affordable Home Raffles” (AHR) The only web site that allow anyone with minimal money to purchase a home without the inconvenience or headaches of a mortgage. The purpose of AHR is to allow for a remedy and intervention ecessary to create opportunities for regular people to acquire the needed chance for financial success. All homes listed on this website are sold via the purchase of a Raffle ticket. Please do not try to contact us for reservations or preferential treatment of any kind. If you want to participate; purchase a ticket. Homes available to be raffled here are contracted by AHR for sale. Revenues raised from the raffle will go towards the price of the home and to maintain the programs managerial expenses. Number of tickets available for sale are limited to the value of the home and expenses to facilitate the raffle. Winners will recieve the home involved free and clear of all obbligations.

Thank you for looking at our site and good luck on your Raffle draw.